West Virginia Girl, All Bottled Up

More and more is being revealed about the chemicals spilled in WV water AFTER the do-not-use ban was lifted then reinstated three days later for pregnant women only, and this is a pregnant woman’s personal experience.


“We are not going to change our life because of the Water Company”…

This post is a little different than my usual, but then again, my life is a little different than usual.Image

As I walked into one of my favorite coffee shops in town today, I cautiously asked, “Are you still using bottled water?”  The cashier politely responded, “No, sorry, we are not” So I longingly looked at the perfect slice of tiramisu behind the glass and replied, “Ok, that changes things then, I will just have a bottle of water”.  I then took my water, reserved my usual seat, and jaunted to the restroom.  As I left the restroom, I imeadiately realized that I needed to dig out my own personal stash of hand sanitizer before unscrewing the cap of my bottled water and pulling out my laptop to work.

As I settled in, I began to reflect…

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2 thoughts on “West Virginia Girl, All Bottled Up

  1. Thank you for your support.

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    “We were told to flush our water pipes for a total of 20 minutes. The US Agency for Toxic Substances says this is not safe and we should have flushed longer. The state and county officials say its safe to drink, yet they themselves will not. Our children are being sent back to school with unsafe water – they are using bottled water. We demand the truth!”

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