Breastfeeding Ins and Outs

This is the perfect list of items to remember if you’re going to breastfeed or even are currently!

Inside Out & About

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while but I knew it wouldn’t be a quick one. I’m not sure why breastfeeding is a controversial topic, but it really is.

A bit about me: it is safe to say that I was more worried about not being able to breastfeed than giving birth itself. I knew I wanted to breastfeed and I knew I would not cope well at all with the guilt of not breastfeeding.

When Jared and I went to look around our local midwife-led unit the first question the touring midwife asked me was:

…” Are you going to breastfeed?”

….and I sheepishly replied: “Yes, I’m going to try my best”.

…then she said: “If you say you’re going to try you won’t – you have to decide to do it”.

…to which Jared replied: “She meant to say: she definitely is”.

Most people might have…

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