#OctoberScopers and Navigating Periscope

I don’t generally jump on the new social media bandwagons very fast. As a matter of fact, I’m generally the one dragging myself onto the platform months later, attempting to figure out how it works while everyone else enjoys themselves freely.

BUT there’s a new thing everyone is flocking towards called Periscope, and for the first time, I don’t think I’m late to the party. I can also say, for the first time, I’m obsessed with some new, shiny, trendy thing because I’ve been obsessed with Periscope the past week or two.

What Exactly is Periscope?

Periscope is an interactive app where yourself or other users create live video that people can join in to watch while also commenting. The person creating the video can then respond to comments and interact with other users that way. Yes, there’s also a way to limit who can watch your videos–don’t worry!

If you don’t catch a video live, you can always watch the replay, which will be listed on your main screen (or by clicking the bottom, left button that looks like a television).

Users are also able to tap the screen, giving hearts during live video or replays. These hearts essentially equate to your popularity count (much like followers on Facebook or Twitter) on Periscope.

Videos are viewable for 24 hours if you allow them to be.

When you’re watching someone’s video, you can swipe right to view their profile and follow them. You can also swipe up to share their live broadcast via Twitter or Facebook.

Setting Up Periscope

I can’t say I’m an expert–yet–but I can tell you downloading and catching onto Periscope basics aren’t too difficult.

  1. Download the Periscope app.
  2. Follow the prompts, connect through Twitter and that will be your Periscope handle. (Twitter created Periscope).
  3. For this app, I highly suggest you allow the push notifications through. Never do I ever for any apps except my email and Facebook, but Periscope is a platform where you want to catch people live. You can only catch people live if you get a notification that someone you’re following is Periscope-ing live. It’s not super annoying like most push notifications–to me, it’s the equivalent of a text or Facebook notification.
  4. Follow people or brands you know and like. There’s a search friends button in the bottom right of the app that looks like three people from the shoulders up. It gives suggestions or allows you to search people you know.
  5. After that, all that’s left to do is catch people live or make a live video yourself.


October Scopers is an awesome Periscope group that started last month (#SeptemberScopers). It creates a prompt each day for those involved to Periscope about, and everyone can share the love, watch each other and just have great time diving into Periscope and getting to know others.

For Those Participating

  • Include the #OctoberScopers hashtag in your title and share it on twitter. That’s how others participating can find you!
  • If you don’t follow prompts perfectly, we’ll all survive–it’s not a big deal.
  • Do your best to get to everyone and catch replays when you can!
  • Don’t be stingy with the hearts–because, who doesn’t like hearts?

To connect with everyone taking part in the challenge, we have created a Facebook group called Scoper Support. The group is set to private, but anyone can join! My Periscope handle is @HomemadeExp.

october scopers


10 Things No One Tells You About Post-Baby Body

10 Things No One Tells You

For those women who were blessed with super pregnancy genetics or able to stay in shape and maintain their glorious pre-baby body, my hat’s off to you, and I also have some built up anger towards you stored in the back of my brain that I blame for my inability to lose more weight. It’s okay though. It forces me to compensate in other areas, like writing and making lists.

And with that, here are 10 things no one thinks to share with you about post-baby body.

1. Getting dressed and using the restroom while you’re dressed—with the underwear and the spanks and the bra that’s a full body suit—will now be, at least, a 10 minute ordeal. And by ordeal, I mean the definition of ordeal: a painful or horrific experience.

2. People may tell you that every time they sneeze they pee a little and you may laugh, but what they really mean by that is your bladder has gone from let’s say the capacity of a dam to the capacity of two swinging doors at your local saloon.

3. If you thought periods were rough before, you may beg to experience the pre-birth ones again. Periods are just so much more generous in your post-baby body, with the blood and the bloating and the hanger. Really, you shouldn’t have, Aunt Flo. It’s too much.

4. The shopping and the mirrors and the clothing sizes, oh my! *Insert hysterically laughing and crying emoticon here*

5. Your post-baby body will likely react to summer like it’s the plague. Before it was a relaxing, happy, sunny time; now, it’s a sweaty, overheated, kids all around making noise, smelly, disgusting, headache of a mess.

6. It’s a very real possibility that you may go from never, ever considering plastic surgery to Google searching “tummy tuck” on your computer.

7. Your body will surprise you with how long it can run on no sleep and caffeine.

8. If you didn’t have it before, you will acquire super sonic hearing that allows you to hear or awake to any noise a child makes within a one-mile radius.

9. You may never willingly put on shorts or a swim suit again.

10. Who needs tattoos? You have tiger stripes—more commonly referred to as stretch marks—and they’re just as artistic … and permanent.

This all may seem a bit disheartening, but if you have children, you know, really, it’s not. They’re worth every grey hair and sleepless night, but sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and laugh about the changes and transitions we as women and life-providing vessels must endure. Still, I would rather turn into one big stretch mark than think of my life without children. Plus, when you find the right person to raise children with, it becomes obvious having a Victoria’s-Secret-model body is not what life’s all about.

Our physicality is never permanent, and it should never define us. Our influence, our character, and our family are what is truly important. Regardless of the size of your mom jeans, you’re still you, you’re still beautiful, and you can still enjoy a laugh on behalf of all mom bodies out there. Who knows? Maybe the ‘mom bod’ will become the new ‘dad bod’ trend sometime in the near future.

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10 Tips No One Tells You For Buying a House + Moving

10 Tips No One Tells You For Buying a House

Moving is hectic. Your life is packed up in boxes, and your mind is at full capacity. Remembering to prepare for every single thing becomes 10x more difficult, especially when no one shares all the little tips that could save you time and money while you’re buying a new house and trying to move. In honor of the life event you will eventually, are currently or already have embarked upon, here’s a list of 10 tips no one tells you for buying a new house and moving.

Call the utility companies–gas, electric, water–at least two weeks before your closing date and set them to change over to your name on the closing date. It’s something that, obviously, has to be done, but a lot of people don’t think about during the moving process. Also, a great time to schedule an appointment for your internet/cable company to come out and install.

Have your realtor communicate to the sellers/sellers’ agent that you’ve already set utilities to change over to your name, so they don’t have them shut off. Otherwise, the sellers may have them shut off and cost you an extra fee to turn them back on plus the possibly and hassle of not being able to get them on the day you take possession of the house. For example, our electricity company allowed us to set a date to change possession but would only allow the current owner of the house to turn off or on the electricity, meaning if the sellers had it turned off, we would have to wait until after we signed on our closing date to have it turned back on–which could easily be too late to get them turned on for the day we moved in.

If you’re getting any new furniture or appliances and want to order them beforehand, don’t forget to measure the spaces. If you don’t live close, aren’t able to do a walk through or get back into the house far enough in advance, just have your realtor shoot the sellers/sellers’ agent an email to ask for measurements.

Go online to the USPS website and have your mail set to forward to your new address. It’s quick and it’s simple. Just do it while you’re thinking about it instead of risking losing some valuable piece of mail … or those awesome bills!

Update the address on any subscriptions, accounts, bills, credit cards, etc. Any place or account you can think of to call or hop online and update your address, do that, too. It’s also a good opportunity to get online and cancel some accounts or subscriptions you don’t really care to receive anymore.

Remember that everything you’re hearing is generally second or thirdhand. People’s immediate reaction is to get mad at the sellers or the buyers for whatever miscommunication or mishap is occurring, but remember the actual buyer(s) and seller(s) almost never communicate directly during the home buying process. So, everything that’s happening is going through one or two other parties–whether that be the realtors, the bank, a repair company (for inspection items) and so on and so on–before it actually gets back to you.

Do some research on the home and the sellers before you finalize a contract. That way you can prepare yourself ahead of time if you’re getting into any weird or obscure situation. Like, I hate to be THAT person, but a sexual predator lives next door or the house has some weird history. There are more than enough interesting situations you could possibly walk into blind if you don’t do a little research first. If you’re social enough or just end up running into a neighbor, it’s a good idea to ask them about the neighborhood, house and sellers, too.

Wear closed-toe shoes the ENTIRE time you’re packing, unpacking and/or living in a box-filled zone. Seriously, don’t say I didn’t warn you. When we moved, I was barefoot or in flip flops 99% of the time and probably got my feet/toes smashed at least five times every hour before I gave in and started sporting tennies on the reg.

Don’t make plans for the first week or two after you’ve moved. Especially if you’re moving to an area with some friends or family, and they want to hang out as soon as you’re back; trust me, do not agree to anything yet! You’ll either end up feeling obligated to go and exhausted the whole time while your unpacked boxes are sitting at home, or you’ll end up having to back out and be the bad guy.

Change the locks. This may seem like a no-brainer, but as long as you have the keys to the house, it’s easy to put it off or not even think about it. Maybe it’s the mother in me, but not knowing who else may have a key to my house via the previous owners is very unsettling. There’s actually a simple option available now: a re-keying kit. Instead of having to purchase new locks for every door or paying someone to come out and replace your locks, it’s a much more efficient, cost effective, simpler option.