A Nighttime Story

A Nighttime

Almost every night before bed, our children ask me or dad to read them a story. It’s a nighttime tradition I cherish. Especially as a graduated English and Literature major, literature–whether children’s, adult, fiction or non–is near and dear to my heart.

When my first was born in 2012, I read to her constantly. I took it upon myself to adopt the idea of speaking to my babies as adults (thanks Meet the Fockers–see video clip here) and carried it over into literature as well. I read her Lewis Carroll’s version of Alice in Wonderland the most and several other well-known classics.

As I began to look into children’s literature, I found there are so many children’s books that are also rich, moving and contain meaning. I started to fall in love with children’s literature and become intrigued with weaving meaning and lessons in with lively, realistic or completely unrealistic, imaginative children’s stories. The Pirate Train

Last night I read our children a new book, The Pirate Train by Nicole Plyler Fisk. It’s captivating, it’s fun and it’s a great, imaginative story about family. It contains planes, trains and pirate ships, because like the author mentions in her dedication to her son, “Why not?” My three-year-old laughed along with the story and my one-year-old pointed at all his favorite illustrations as we read through the book. It’s easily becoming a favorite.

To top it off, there’s a read-along online, too, for when mom needs a few minutes to herself and the kids INSIST on reading!

Do you have a nighttime story ritual, or do you read to your children often? If so, what’s a book you would recommend?

The Pirate Train banner

Disclosure: HE partnered with The Pirate Train to bring you this awesome post because I only recommend products or services I believe will be awesome for my readers as parents and that I consistently use or believe in, personally.

15 thoughts on “A Nighttime Story

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  2. We love reading around here! My daughter is really starting to read well and I’m encouraging it like a mad woman. I’ve seen a few articles recently that have talked about continuing to read to your child even when they’re older. She does still like that too. I’m learning the main thing is to create a lifestyle of reading. Currently, we’re reading “The One & Only Ivan” together.

  3. We love reading too! My daughter has to read a book every night that they send home from school, although she also loves Frog and Toad stories and Mo Willems. My son loves anything Curious George, although tonight we read Peter and the Wolf, which took me back!

  4. Reading with my daughter before bed is one of the greatest pleasures in life. I haven’t heard of The Pirate Train looks like a really cute book!

  5. Every night we read at least 3-4 stories and my daughter usually tries to sneak one or two more on top of that. The first two are always different then we have a favorite and finally Good Night Moon. i have read…well, recited that to her every night since she was 3 months old. I cannot wait to check out this new book.

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