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Hello there!

As a professional assistant to a threenager, a lactation station for a one-year-old and a so-so wife to a manly geek, life is beautiful chaos. Sharing my experiences in motherhood, life and the workplace is my primary focus, but I reside in the heart of America–Kansas City–and love to share love, experiences and events all around the Midwest, too.

I hope to connect, relate and share posts that make you feel things, or at the very least, give you some solid insight and information.

I love talking babies, motherhood, lifestyle and wife-ing (whatever that means)

I had our first baby in 2012 and our second in 2014. 2 babes, 21 months; I no longer laugh hysterically without peeing a little bit. I cloth diaper, try to eat/fix healthy, exotically creative foods and am always participating in shenanigans with family, friends or work. When I’m not, I’d prefer to watch some good, hearty Fall line-up T.V., the newest movies or sometimes, read a book and appear semi-intellectual.

I heart Kansas City

It’s my home. It’s not too big and not too small. It’s beautiful, economical, fun, creative, gloriousness and you would love it if you visited.

Yoga pants, coffee, marketing and comedy

I’m a big, fat fan of all of these things. I would wear yoga pants and pretend to like yoga always if I didn’t have a life that required I wear and do other things. I’d drink coffee all day if it didn’t make me see sound. Marketing, writing, being creative and all that jazz is my jam. And laughing is just the best medicine in life.

I’m all out of sharing juice, but I’d love to hear about you and hope you enjoy your experience on here!


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