100 Days of Healthy: Day 12


Photo from an article on News.Mic called “What Happens to Your Brain on Sugar.” Click the picture to go to the article.

Let me start by saying, even if you don’t read any of this post or the articles I posted, just click on the picture above and at least look through the pictures. I was floored.

This is day #12 and my weekly update on the second item on my #100DaysOfHealthy list. For those who haven’t seen my original post on #100DaysOfHealthy, I have a list containing 11 items, and I plan to start each item on a new week and report back the changes I see throughout that week. Once I start an item on the list, I will continue it until the 100 days is over. Hopefully each item will become a lifestyle change if I think it’s worthy.

And still with the no sugar. I did have a cheat meal yesterday when I went, for the first time, to a locally loved restaurant with a couple friends. Thinking about it now, I probably should’ve waited until I got further along into my no-sugar days. Luckily, for me (or maybe unluckily), there’s only two other “cheat” days I’ll have: A friend’s wedding and a local event called “Rails and Ales”.

The feeling like crap stage is over as far as I can tell. I haven’t had a headache for a couple days, no more nausea or extra tiredness. Some of the positives I’m experiencing thus far:

  • I have more energy
  • Overall, my mood is better, happier
  • I feel more rested when I wake up in the morning
  • My pallet is adjusting and the food I’m eating tastes WAY more flavorful
  • My legs no longer feel like they’re going to cramp when I first wake up and body stretch in the a.m.
  • I’m not as hungry–don’t want snack throughout the day
  • Slight weight loss

These are the great links I promised you from last post:

  1. Her Family Stopped Eating Sugar for A Year, and This is What Happened
  2. What Happens to Your Brain on Sugar (Seriously, if you don’t read anything, at least look at these pictures)
  3. Why Oreos Are As Addictive As Cocaine To Your Brain. To put it in perspective, here’s an excerpt: ““Our research supports the theory that high-fat/high-sugar foods stimulate the brain in the same way that drugs do,” [neuroscientist Joseph] Schroeder said.

1. Drink the correct amount of water daily
2. Cut out sugar
3. Eat 5 servings of vegetables a day
4. Go to the chiropractor bi-weekly
5. Breastfeed
6. Take supplements
7. Oil pulling
8. Bye-bye caffeine
9. Eat only lean meats
10. Light exercise at least 20 minutes a day
11. Make and drink healthy smoothies/juices


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