Midwest Influencer Network’s VIP Blogger Lounge…

…took place over the weekend and it was a seriously exciting gathering of St. Louis bloggers, local vendors, free massages, booze, food and an awesome goody bag. What more could a blogger ask for?


#MWINetwork displayed at this weekend’s VIP blogger lounge.

There were so many brands, opportunities and networking possibilities available along with a chance for a local blogger to win $1000 and become the next St. Louis Ambassador via Explore St. Louis in collaboration with the Midwest Influencer NetworkALIVE Magazine and KSDK. Bloggers were able to present themselves in a 20 second video clip, filmed onsite, in which they could express why they love being a tourist in their own town. These clips will be displayed on the KSDK site soon for St. Louisans to vote!

Video Room

Allison Apprill of Warm Up Sunshine giving a wonderful 20 second video during the VIP blogger lounge.

If you want to become a part of the Midwest Influencer Network and enjoy free membership and member resources, you can join here.

The official entrant agreement and requirements for the St. Louis Ambassador search–for those who participated–are here:

Entrant Agreement

Click the Midwest Influencer Network information desk above for more info on the St. Louis’ Ambassador entrant agreement and terms.



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