5 Simple Tips to Modern Day Party Planning for the Out-of-Date Parent

Party Planning Pic

From Thomas Edison who gave us light and Karl Benz who gave us automobiles in the 1800s to Mark Zuckerberg who gave us Facebook and Chris Messina who gave us the hashtag in the 2000s, the world around us is always changing and the people around us are always inventing. Among playdates, laundry, yesterday’s leftovers and maybe showering, the last thing parents have time for is keeping up with the latest trends.

Modern day parenting is difficult or ‘a bitch’ or #parentingprobs, or whatever kids say these days, and every year, it seems like a new thing is added to the list of to-dos in planning kids’ events.

So, to keep up, here’s a simple list of 5 things that will keep your parties modern and your reputation still barely hanging on.

  1. Include a hashtag for your event. Have a problem? There’s a hashtag for that. Watching your favorite tv show? There’s a hashtag for that, too. Hitting up a wedding, #justmarried. People love to take pictures and post them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with a hashtag, and if you want to wow the kids–whether they be teenagers or threenagers–create a fun, unique hashtag for your event and chalk it onto something painted with chalkboard paint.
  2. Create a Facebook event. No one RSVPs anymore via mail, and next to no one RSVPs via email. Yes, I hate it too. It’s rude, but it’s reality. If you want everyone to get the message and also want any chance of a head count, make an event on Facebook. It keeps all the event info at everyone’s fingertips and will continuously remind people they have an event to RSVP to when they check Facebook every 20 seconds.
  3. Chalkboard paint is the new poster board. Poster board and markers are old news. The new thing is to slather some chalkboard paint on whatever you want and write or draw something cool. #Winning
  4. Pin on Pinterest like it’s your job. If you have an idea but aren’t quite sure how to execute it, or even if you have zero ideas at all, Pinterest can help you with that. It’s a quick, simple and trendy way to make your food delicious, your decorations superb and your event a huge hit. Also, guests will think you’re the most clever, up-to-date parent on the block.
  5. Game on. Games at a party will always be a classic, but–believe it or not–pin the tail on the donkey has gone out of style. These days, kids like to be challenged and intrigued. A few solid ways to include games in an event is to create a scavenger hunt, make a trivia game over your kid’s latest obsession or think up some team games to stir up competition.

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